Monday, June 23, 2014

PEARL of the DAY
 "Life is a puzzle and each of us is a piece, that God is helping to fit perfectly in the right place."
 Have there been times in your life, when you felt like you didn't belong?
There've been many times in my life, where I felt like this. Infact, as a child I often wondered if I was adopted. I now see that the reason was, I was being shaped to become the person I am today. You see, each of us has gifts that are unique to us...yes you have unique gifts that only you can utilize in the way you can. Your gifts are to be used for your greater good and the greater good of all.
If you're wondering what your gifts are, just look in your heart and see what makes your heart sing, makes you feel alive, lights up your Soul at the thought of it.
When we feel like we are that piece of the puzzle that doesn't quite fit in rightly, it's only because we're not being true to our unique gifts...we are doing things (i.e. jobs) that aren't in alignment with our heart's desires and therefore we don't feel at peace with ourselves. We have this conflict going on, between our heads and our hearts.
Our heart is aligned with our soul and wants to make us happy...our head on the other hand, wants to please everyone else because it thinks that in doing so, it protects us from getting hurt. This conflict is what God is helping us to work on (we co-create our lives with God), in order to fit in the right place in the puzzle and be the best and happiest person we can be.

When we are able to balance the head with the heart, we find our place and fit there perfectly...the feeling of this, is akin to when you've away from home for a while and then return, you give that sigh of you know what I mean? It's that "ahhhh it's good to be home, there's no place like home!"
As my beloved mother used to say, no matter even if your home is a tin shed, there's just no other feeling like that feeling you've arrived home!
If you haven't experienced that feeling...KNOW that it will come, believe it!
Feel free to share your views on this.
With Love Light and Gratitude

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