Saturday, June 14, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

 'God's unconditional love never wavers, it's only our perception of it that does.'
In times when we're so busy with life and it seems that we don't even have time to breathe and challenges present themselves, it's easy to think that God has abandoned us. ...
It's been my observation over the period of my life, that everything that God allows to happen in our lives, is always for our highest good.

I have learned many valuable lessons from the challenges in my life, including unconditional love, acceptance of all that is and forgiveness.
Forgiveness would have to be the hardest lesson for us to learn. It's easy to say we forgive someone but it's not until we feel that forgiveness in our hearts, that we know we truly forgive.

Forgiveness of ourselves is as important as forgiving of others.

 Unconditional loving another even when they might not be so easy to love and accepting that they are who they are and it's not up to us to change them...when we feel that someone needs to change, the only thing we can do, is change our perspective of them. Put on the lenses of love and see them through the eyes of love.
The only person I can change is me! The only person you can change is you!

This photo and the pearl above are an excerpt from my book 'Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life'.
The message, is what I've learned regarding this pearl.
In times when I couldn't understand why God would allow something to happen to me, even though I had always tried my best to be a loving person. I felt like, He had abandoned me but of course I've learned, He NEVER abandons us, we just perceive that to be the case...He IS part of us and is always there to help, if we just ask and trust.

With love light and gratitude
Natalie :)


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me such a lovely message. I am sorry to hear that you too have been challenged in recent years but having read the post above I think there may be reasons for this. I do believe things happen according to some kind of divine plan. It is only years after a difficult or painful event that I can see that I was being saved from further misery or I was being led down a different path because something much more suitable for my life plan was there.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Very inspirational. Big hug, Carol :) x

    1. Thank you so much Carol, its wonderful to interact with you again.
      I am sorry to hear of your challenging times....I too believe in Divine plans.
      I have learned that, the darker the days, the brighter the light once we get through them.
      How could I teach about forgiveness if I wasn't able to forgive and know how good that is for our wellbeing? That was one of my lessons among many others.
      With love and gratitude, big hug right back, Nat. Xx