Friday, July 18, 2014

Pearl of the Day

"When you can't change the things out of your control...change the ones you can, in order to bring you greater happiness."

If life has become a bit too predictable and routine and for one reason or another, you can't change circumstances that seem out of your control...change the ones you can, in order to bring yourself greater happiness.
Look around you, what things can you change? Start by being spontaneous, do something that you would not normally do. When driving to work or picking up your children etc., change routes, take a different road, mix things up a little, it makes life more interesting.
Learn something new...take up a anything creative. Doing creative things, makes the Soul Soar!

I don't have a routine and I rarely make plans...and even when I do, it's only if it involves someone else i.e. a friend wants to meet for a coffee Monday next week etc....even then, I always leave off with, "that should be ok but I'll confirm it with you a day or so before"

I always try to mix things up...I let the powers that be, dictate my day for me and they never fail to surprise me.

Do what you can to be happy because when you're happy, you give those around you permission to be happy too!

With Love Light and Gratitude

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