Wednesday, July 9, 2014



"Some people come into our lives, only for a short time...but affect us so profoundly, that they leave their imprint on our hearts forever." 
From the book 'Pearls of Wisdom from the oyster called Life
I'm sure you've all met one or more people that have touched your lives, in a positive way. These people, come into our lives, some for a very short time, others for a bit longer and some for a lifetime but they all have a profound affect on us and leave their imprint on our hearts for ever.

I have met many such people, throughout my life, some of which have now become dear friends...they always seem to come at the right time, when needed to shine their light and help us through our darkness.
It's amazing how, you can meet someone in a shop or in passing and they may give you a heart-warming smile and it instantly, makes your day and lifts your mood.

Be kind to everyone you meet, for you don't know what kind of challenges they're trying to conquer and your kindness/smile, might be just what they need to give them a boost and help them to keep going.

With Love Light and Gratitude

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