Monday, August 11, 2014

PEARL of the DAY

Roses and Thorns go hand in's your choice on which you wish to place your attention!

The thorns in life can't be avoided but you can, avoid placing your attention on them and place your attention on the roses instead.
A perfect example of this is...those days when something goes wrong first thing in the morning and then it seems that the whole day goes downhill from there. The reason for this is because, when something happens, we tend to keep thinking about that mishap and we end up blowing it all, out of proportions, in our minds.
If this happens to you, take a deep, slow breath, calm yourself down and think of something worse that could have happened instead and then give thanks, that it wasn't that.
We can control our thoughts, so if a thought comes up, that you know is going to lead you toward a landslide...stop it in it's tracks.
 What I do when a (wrong) thought comes up, I say "no no no, not going there" and I shoo it away and replace it with a more positive one.
You have choose your thoughts...choose to place your attention on the roses, in your life and not the thorns!
Always remember gratitude...give thanks for the roses, on a daily basis and you will see more of them bloom!
With Love Light and Gratitude

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