Monday, July 28, 2014

Pearl of the Day

Treat everyone at though today is their last day on Earth...and you will never have any regrets.

This is something I live by every day of my life. I have been very lucky, to mostly encounter really lovely people. I could put it down to luck but I truly believe it's because I always treat everyone I meet, with the highest respect...I am open with them and honest but always in a loving way.
When I hear people tell me about nasty people they encountered during their day, whether sales assistants or customers etc., I always wonder if they took the time to do or say something kind to them, to turn them around.
Don't get me wrong, I encounter, not so nice, sales assistants too but what I do, is try to understand what kind of day the may have had and what type of customers they may have served before me. Quite often they themselves have had dealings with nasty customers and have been rattled by them.
When I am served by such a sales assistant, I ask them how they are (even if they don't ask me) and try to take an interest in them...I believe, if we all do this, it would make this world a much happier place to live in...and besides...wouldn't you enjoy your day more, knowing you've helped elevate someone's mood? I know I do...I feel great when I see that I have lifted someone up.
Having worked in customer service jobs, I cannot remember, ever having a customer, not matter how nasty they were, that I didn't win over with some love and attention.
When you go out next, set the intention to smile and be kind to everyone you meet and watch what happens. If someone isn't kind back, be extra kind to them, you will win them over. Just remember, all people want, is what we all be loved and acknowledged. 
With Love Light and Gratitude

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